Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post-Christmas Lack of Knitting

I stayed up until about 6am on Christmas trying to finish everyone's gifts; in a ~totally unexpected~ turn of events, this did not happen. In spite of the fact that this is solely related to poor planning, I have gone into a pique and not picked up the needles since. I think perhaps tomorrow I will start in again on my Clapotis (yes, yes, I'm making one). I'm into the straight section, and could probably finish it by this time next week if I tried. I'm still rather a slow knitter. I'm using Noro Silver Thaw in color #9. Here's what I have so far, with yarn scrap markers and all.

The Silver Thaw is super soft and I think I'm going to pick some up from the Webs clearance section in color #3 to make a felted laptop case for my PowerBook.

You like that stockinette curl on the end there? Yeah, me too. I can't wait to drop stitches, although this yarn is sticky enough that I think I'm going to have to pick them all through. Huzzah!

One thing I love about knitting is that it makes me feel all domestic. You'd think I was a nesting pregnant woman, or something - my favorite thing is to get dinner started, then sit down, knit, and wait for my man to come home. What happened to me?

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