Saturday, December 23, 2006

PONY HAIR Lace Headband

Pattern: Molly's Headband, free Interweave Knits pattern in Sweet Somethings collection
Yarn: Luxurious Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Grey Heather, not very much yardage at all
Needles: Swallow Casein dpns / 3.75mm, US5
N'at: I didn't even weave in the ends. There is no n'at.

I am not, normally, a headband sort of person. I have thin, fine hair that parts of its own accord no matter how much shellac I apply, so headbands that are skinny look stupid on me, and the wide ones usually result in a strange protrusion on the back of my head. However, this lovely design with its I-cord ties really does work; it's wide enough that the part doesn't show, and I don't look like a blobby alien from behind. It, like the Panta, makes a good neckwarmer when I get tired of wearing it all up on my head.

This really only took a matter of hours to knit, and I love it so much I have started five or six other headbands with lace patterns. It's a fun way to knit lace that has a fairly short repeat. I prefer a slipped-stitch edge to the garter stitch used here, but hey.

And no, fine, none of the other headbands are finished yet. They will be as soon as I can pick one I like and stick with it, see it through, help it grow into a lovely butterfly. Right? Right. Mark that one down on the Uberlist: Finish 17 headbands-in-progress.

Note: My hair does not usually look like that. It was kind of greasy and I tried to make it look fashionable for my from-above self portrait.

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