Saturday, December 23, 2006


Pattern: there weren't no pattern
Yarn: Reynolds Lopi, selected by Zack for boringness of color
Needles: Icky plastic dpns and icky aluminum or some such metal 16" circular / 6mm, US10
N'at: One paperclip as stitch marker, the trusty old yarn needle

I wanted to knit something for Zack; I would've made a sweater since, due to the fact that we are engaged, I have no fear of the Sweater Curse. Thing is, apparently he doesn't wear sweaters, preferring instead to complain about being cold. I do not turn the heat up; I will convert him one of these days to sweater-wearing. (I don't understand not liking sweaters. My favorite season of the year is the Time When Sweaters are Worn.)

Anyway, it's a simple K2P2 rib, done for about seven or eight inches, and then I started the decreases, which I believe were every eight stitches or something vaguely symmetrical. It turned out hatlike, which is all I could ask for, since I was winging it and hadn't made a hat in some time. Zack claims to like it; I am not sure if this is just because he wants not to have his access to sex restricted (I would not actually do this). The major complaint is that it lets the wind through a little too much. I am a loose knitter but chose to blame the needle size; I also figure that since Lopi felts if you look at it funny, this problem will resolve itself soon enough on a sweaty head.

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