Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Year, New Knitting

I'm still working on my Clapotis, and in fact have not made a tremendous amount of progress on it. I'm not sure why; perhaps because it's kind of boring to work on. And yet I find I'm not quite good enough at knitting by feel to keep my eyes on the TV while working on any project....

At any rate, I was going to make myself get halfway through the Clapotis before I started a new project, but that's not going to happen. The DS Case Swap over at Craftster gives me a good excuse. Swaps have become crazy popular since I was last a part of the craft corner of the Internet. I hope this one goes well. I have lots of ideas but I think I'm probably going to go with the old NES character 8-bit intarsia design thing this time around. This means I get to buy more new and exciting yarn, and that I can probably even justify a few new sets of needles (got to have the right size, you know). I think for something that sees as much use as a DS case is likely to, I'm going to go with a cotton or microfiber yarn so it can be washed easily. Plus it seems like static-laden wool might not be the best choice.

I'm also planning to start a project, probably the Alpine Scarf, for the Victorian Lace-Along. I have some KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in, I think, Horizon, which was going to be used for the Butterfly dress, but I decided I don't like the color for something that large.

It's good to know that my knitting is just as scatterbrained as the rest of my existence.

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