Saturday, December 23, 2006

LOVE LIFE Glovelike Devices

Pattern: Knucks / Knitty Summer 2006
Yarn: unknown possible wool from stash, plus Dale Ull for the embroidery
Needles: Swallow Casein dpns and spectacular tiny Clover plastic circular for socks / 3.75mm, US5
N'at: I used a keyring and a free ring sizer for stitch markers here. Also, obvieusement, my cheap and old yarn needle. Nothing new was purchased in the making of this FO.

So this pair of Knucks marked my return to knitting anything of import. (I made a Panta first, but it's kind of hideous and made of purple Homespun and I only wear it in the house to keep my head warm, so let's pretend it doesn't exist, OK?) I saw them and fell in love with them and pictured in my head this utterly neat and perfectly finished pair of fingerless gloves, complete with clever message.

Given my rusty knitting skillz, these didn't take nearly as long as I thought they might. In fact, there is a third one in existence, which was supposed to be the first of a pair for my wonderful future husband; alas, I ran out of yarn, and haven't really had the heart to frog it out and start over with something that exists in adequate quantity.*

If you look closely, which you can't do with the photo, you will notice that there are gaps and general ugliness in the finishing of these. Still, they're warm, and handy, and I like them. However, I will personally punch the next person who asks if I didn't mean to put "HATE" on the left glove. I will use the hand labelled "LOVE" to deliver the blow, of course.

I will definitely be making more of these, just as soon as I free the dpns up from the other project they're working on. Or I could just buy more dpns. Hm, hm. My only complaint is that they are a little awkward to wear for things like knitting or typing, as they do hold my fingers rather far apart and I'm clumsy enough to begin with. And yes, I am cheapenvironmentally friendly enough that I require additional hand warmth in my home. They work fantastically well for being able to retrieve my bus pass from my coat pocket, though.


* For this, read "I started too many other projects and kinda forgot this was in the bottom of the basket."

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